Monitor the Performance of Your Websites and Web Applications

Website and web apps are getting richer in order to deliver excellent end user experience. Every second of delay in loading web pages can cost businesses thousands of dollars in revenue every year. Poorly performing websites or web apps result in increased abandonment, lowered customer satisfaction and negative branding. AlertSite provides a number of capabilities so that you can deliver websites and web apps that are up and running 24x7 and find issues that effect your end users before they do.

  • Get Alerted to Performance Bottlenecks
  • Monitor Around The Globe, 24x7
  • Use Real Browsers, Simulating Real Users
  • Optimize User Experience

Find and Fix Issues Before Your Users

Go Beyond Up/Down Monitoring

350+ monitoring nodes in over 85 global locations provide a comprehensive view of your digital performance. With internal and external monitoring options, montioring continuously is effortless and not limited by geographical restrictions.

Monitor with Real Browsers

Record and Playback multi-step and complex user transactions to get insight into your end-user experience. AlertSite simulates key user jouneys from real browsers, so you can monitor application and website performance from the end user's perspective.

Finding the Problem Shouldn't be like Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Knowing there's a problem is only half of the battle.  With root-cause analysis and object level detail, AlertSite shows you where the problem lies – whether is it your code or a third party. Integrations with leading deep dive APM tools brings you to the application code.

Synthetic Monitoring Tool to Monitor User Journeys

Monitoring complex user transactions and URLs with AlertSite is intuitive and quick. Added right from the dashboard, monitors can check availability, monitor performance, and validate functional correctness. Simply enter the URL, or use AlertSite's web recorder, DéjàClick, to record user transactions and create a script without having to code. Our real browser transaction monitors access your website using Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, similar to the way a real user would do it.

Get Started

No coding. Fast deployment.

Deploying AlertSite and creating monitors is intuitive and almost instantaneous. Provide URLs to create availability monitors or use our web recorder DejaClick to create sophisticated transaction monitors. Select browsers, devices and record complex user transactions in real time. Turn the recorded script into monitors and immediately start seeing value. Even reuse functional tests from API testing tools like ReadyAPI and SoapUI to create advanced API monitors.

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Ensure Excellent User Experience

AlertSite monitors your websites and web applications at the real browser level, where all the dynamic components of your applications come together. Real-browser monitors collect additional metrics that reflect web page load time from the user’s point of view, such as the time when the browser starts rendering the page. These metrics help you understand what your website users are actually experiencing in real time, and not just the network activities that are happening in the background.

Get Insights Into the Actual User Behavior

These measurements of the time it takes for a page and the objects on it to load in the top third of the page (above the fold) can only be obtained using a real browser. Perceived user experience metrics tell you what the user experience feels like – when someone comes to a page if the top of the page loads first then what they see loads fast. Captured screen shots show what the page looks like to a user at each milestone.

Fastest Alerting on the Planet

AlertSite's advanced alerting and reporting mechanism helps you get instant actionable insights from your monitoring data. Our alerts are the fastest - sent directly from the monitoring nodes - and the most intelligent - customizable recipients, routing paths and notification methods. AlertSite integrates with leading incident management and operational intelligence platforms to help you resolve issues faster and get real time visibility into business and IT metrics.

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Expect More From Your Web Monitoring Tool

  • Migration experts ready to help switch you from your current vendor
  • Effortlessly Migrate or rescript your current tests in AlertSite
  • Free onboarding and training to help you get up and running in no time

Value for Money

  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to use
  • No coding required
  • Fastest Time to Value
  • Premium synthetic monitoring for less

Premium Synthetic Monitoring

  • Unified platform to proactively ensure API and application health
  • Find and Fix performance issues before they impact your users and business
  • Fastest Alerting on the Planet

Active Partnerships

  • Make AlertSite your performance partner
  • Be part of our Customer Advisory Board and make your voice heard
  • Excellent support and customer success advisors to help you become an AlertSite pro

Ecosystem Friendly

Seamlessly integrates with all of your NOC essentials:

  • AppDynamics
  • PagerDuty
  • Splunk
  • Perfecto Mobile
  • ReadyAPI
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