Monitor Mobile Enabled Web and Mobile Apps

  • Mobile web, APIs and apps
  • Get Alerted to Performance Bottlenecks
  • Monitor Around The Globe, 24x7
  • Use Real Browsers, Simulating Real Users

There are over 2.6 billion smartphone subscribers globally today, expected to grow to 6.1 billion by 2020. Irrespective of the device type, location or internet service provider, mobile users expect fast and consistent use experience.

To ensure that you mobile offering is available and working across various use cases, it is important to recreate what users do and measure all the responses from each part of each step in the process.

We help you monitor mobile web, mobile apps and underlying APIs proactively, so you find and detect issues before they impacts your end users.

Proactively Monitor Mobile Enabled Web, Native or Hybrid Apps and Underlying APIs

Make Sure You're Monitoring Mobile Performance On The Go

Mobile Enabled Web 

  • Visualize and record user transactions across multiple emulated devices using our built in web recorder DejaClick.
  • Proactively monitor mobile web performance across our global nodes running on wireless carriers.

Mobile Apps - APIs

  • Use our API discovery tools to find the internal and external APIs that empower your mobile apps. 
  • Continually test availability, performance and functional correctness of back-end API calls through the application.

Real Mobile Devices

  • Your users demand seamless app performance irrespective of the devices, locations or carriers.
  • Test your mobile app performance across real devices running across multiple carriers via our partnership with a leading cloud-based mobile testing provider.

Fast and Easy Mobile Monitoring

  • AlertSite is deployed as SaaS, so you can get started within minutes. Creating mobile monitors is intuitive and almost instantaneous.
  • Our web recorder DejaClick emulates  mobile devices by changing the browser’s user agent string and screen size, masquerades the browser as a mobile device, causing the web server to return the mobile version of the website. 
  • You can create mobile web monitors to run on emulated devices or use our integration with Perfecto to run those monitors on real devices.  
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Monitor User Transactions and Navigation Paths

  • Our built-in recorder DéjàClick records user transactions and creates synthetic monitors with the recorded script without complex and expensive scripting.
  • Monitor key navigation paths across your mobile site or app such as logging in, placing an order or checking out.
  • Get diagnostic information on user experience metrics, detailed load times of each page resource, and page screenshots on error.

See How Your Apps Behave on Real Devices

  • Our seamless integration with Perfecto MobileCloud offers automated testing on real mobile devices, connected via Wi-Fi or cellular carriers to the Internet, spread in different locations around the world.
  • AlertSite's advanced synthetic monitoring paired with Perfecto gives you an ultimate engine to continuously test the key transactions on mobile devices, and get proactively notified of any availability or performance issues.

Monitor From Where Your Users Are

  • Monitor from an independent network of over 350 monitoring nodes spread across the world.
  • Emulate user transactions from real browsers, various Tier 1 Internet Service Providers and wireless networks. 
  • Monitor from behind your firewall - within your datacenter or private cloud using out private monitoring nodes for your internal mobile websites or applications. 


Expect More From Your Mobile Monitoring Tool

  • Migration experts ready to help switch you from your current vendor
  • Effortlessly Migrate or rescript your current tests in AlertSite
  • Free onboarding and training to help you get up and running in no time

Value for Money

  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to use
  • No coding required
  • Fastest Time to Value
  • Premium synthetic monitoring for less

Premium Synthetic Monitoring

  • Unified platform to proactively ensure API and application health
  • Find and Fix performance issues before they impact your users and business
  • Fastest Alerting on the Planet

Active Partnerships

  • Make AlertSite your performance partner
  • Be part of our Customer Advisory Board and make your voice heard
  • Excellent support and customer success advisors to help you become an AlertSite pro

Ecosystem Friendly

Seamlessly integrates with all of your NOC essentials:

  • AppDynamics
  • PagerDuty
  • Splunk
  • Perfecto Mobile
  • Ready! API
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