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AlertSite and ReadyAPI Integration

AlertSite seamlessly integrates with ReadyAPI and SoapUI, so you can streamline DevOps initatives and enhance API quality. Developers, testers and operations teams can collaborate on API quality using the same tests and metrics, simplifying configuration of monitoring assets and ultimately turning around performance problems in no time. 

Monitor your APIs in production. When your API moves into production from test, the environment changes – there is no way to know if the API performance is compromised unless you look. Further you can find problems that may be a result of the location or variance in traffic.

There is no easier method. You can simply click a button from right in the ReadyAPI interface and see the status of your APIs in production it can’t get any easier. With SoapUI you take your already created test cases and turn them into monitors whenever you have a new API or test you want to keep an eye on.

Root-Cause and MTTR. You wrote the functional test, you know it works, and when something comes goes awry, you can isolate it and fix it quickly.

How Does It Work?

Creating API monitors using AlertSite is very easy. Either upload your existing SoapUI script to AlertSite or use the built-in AlertSite plugin in ReadyAPI.

For detailed instructions on How to Create Advanced API Monitors using existing SoapUI scripts, please checkout our documentation. 

API Monitoring can help you answer critical API questions.

Just checking if endpoint is available is not enough. AlertSite helps you answer:

  • Is the endpoint responsive? Is the response fast?
  • Does the data come back in the correct format and in the right place?
  • Is the payload unique to the request?
  • Is the critical dynamic content populating?
  • Can you authenticate against the API?  

Also the questions about verification of the Propagation of data

  • Does it test correctly from a neutral vantage point?
  • Can everything checked above be repeated at a random time in the future? and from a neutral vantage point and third party?
  • Can everything checked above for public facing API's be repeated
    • Externally?
    • Across different ISP's?
    • Different geographies?

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