AppDynamics Integration

Combine the Power of Synthetic Monitoring and Transaction Tracing

AlertSite and AppDynamics Integration

Start with AlertSite Synthetic Monitoring

AlertSite provides proactive monitoring of APIs, web and SaaS applications and mobile apps by running monitors from SmartBear’s global network of nodes or at a customer deployed private node. These monitors are performance tests depicting typical customer interactions and check for availability, functional correctness and responsiveness. These tests can also be run for SLA monitoring and benchmarking. As these tests are run continuously, AlertSite allows IT operations teams to detect degradations and errors proactively before end users encounter a problem.

Now Correlate Errors Back to Code Level Issues

In order to correlate errors and degradations with application back end tiers and rapidly troubleshoot code level issues, we integrated AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform into AlertSite. The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform collects data related to the code path a transaction takes from the application server all the way to the back end databases. Customers of both products will now be able to drill down from an AlertSite transaction, directly into the related AppDynamics trace at the code level.

Easy Integration

Integration with AppDynamics is easy to setup and use as this demonstration video will show.

Watch the AlertSite and AppDynamics Integration demo


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