Robust Reporting & Analytics

Rapidly isolate root-cause & understand performance over time

Reports & Analytics

Determine root-cause, identify what inhibits your optimal performance, and make data driven decisions instantly. AlertSite's reporting and data visualization helps you evaluate your past and current performance so you can continuously improve. 

Delve Into Your Availability and Performance Metrics

Analyze how your digital assets perform over time with detailed performance and availability reports. AlertSite reports highlight:

  • Availability - detailed breakdown of availability checks, percent of time available, screen capture upon errors (for every type of monitor not just availability)
  • Response times - singular step response time, full page load response time
  • Page breakdowns - object level detail, DNS, connect, redirect, first byte, content details, DOM load time, page load time
  • Geographic breakdown - location run statistics, availability and performance data by region
  • Business Transaction Analytics - step level analytics, trend analysis
  • Competitive Benchmarks - Apdex Open Performance Standard, current v. baseline

Visualize with Charts and Graphs

Analyze your data with an additional dimension by visually representing your availability and performance. Charts and graphs are easy to use, bright, and immersive, so you can draw conclusions and identify trends quickly. AlertSite's Charts and Graphs help you track:

  • Monitor Performance (you can choose one or compare multiple)
  • Location Data 
  • Time frames - hour range, hour of the day, day, week, month etc. 
  • Scatter plot or line graphs illuminate:
    • Time to First Byte
    • Redirect time
    • Notifications
    • DNS time
    • Content Download 
    • Connect time
    • Base page response time

Outage Reports

Understand what happened to cause an outage, and how many outages have occured historically, so you can prevent outages in the future. AlertSite outage reports identify:

  • Key statistics by Device
  • Total Errors
  • Outage Start Time
  • Outage End Time
  • Total Outage Duration Time
  • Location 
  • Status

SLA Compliance Reports

SLA Management made easy. AlertSite SLA compliance reports help ensure you meet SLAs with:

  • Set service level objectives for uptime, availability and response time,
  • Compare actual performance against these objectives.
  • Exclusion periods to adjust for maintenance downtime and other extraneous factor
  • Alerts for performance/availability deviations 

Manage Your Reports with Ease

The Document Manager maintains all of your performance reports and load testing reports, allowing you to organize all your reports in one location. Share reports, stay organized, and make impactful decisions by

  • Centrally managing your saved reports
  • Filtering and sorting reports
  • Sharing reports 

Capture Images During Monitor Runs

Capture images upon monitor run errors to easily identify where the issues lie. Grab accurate information about the objects and properties in your web application while images are being taken.

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