Diagnose Performance Issues in Seconds

Performance Insights So Clear, You Have to See It to Believe It

Finding the right data shouldn’t be laborious. With an intuitive dashboard, AlertSite communicates performance monitoring data effortlessly, drilling down into monitor metrics without even leaving the page.

You Can't Fix What You Can't See

Delve further into your monitor data with one click. Intuitive design and extensive analytics combine in the AlertSite dashboard to make your digital performance management the most seamless, painless process possible. Each monitor tile expounds upon your business benchmarks, run and outage details, regional breakdowns, monitor comparison, as well as transaction step, SLA, and usage detail summaries. More powerful than ever, AlertSite is equipped with a robust analytics engine that provides the data you need to improve and retain impeccable performance for your websites, applications, and APIs.

  • Responsive tile design for key monitor metrics
  • Visual display of vital information in run scatterplots, waterfall analysis, object and payload donut charts, and more

Don't Let Bad Data Cloud Business Decisions

Monitors represent key business value drivers, so shouldn’t the performance data be accurate? A staggeringly powerful set of attributes fuse to validate performance monitor run data. So whether you’re monitoring website transactions, assessing API sequences, validating third-party API performance, or evaluating mobile performance, you’re armed with accurate data you can trust.

  • Retry logic, test on demand
  • Alert and Monitor schedules, blackout periods, and more
  • Static and dynamic thresholds
  • Anomoly detection, validations and assertions, availability, and correctness checks

Understand Your Application Health Without the Analysis Paralysis

Balancing depth and simplicity, the AlertSite dashboard introduces a new standard for data visualization. Monitor tiles and monitor group tiles provide comprehensive, immediate insight into application health metrics. Packing in monitor run scatterplots, Apdex baselines, availability details, monitoring intervals, and more, the AlertSite dashboard offers an immersive experience unparalleled in performance monitoring platforms today. Best of all, the dashboard is customizable to you, ensuring the data you need is the data you see.

  • Apdex baselines, response time metrics, run scatterplots, waterfall analytics, and browser details, and more
  • Screen capture upon error, object level details, and other root-cause metrics
  • Web Monitors (applications and websites), API Monitors, TCP Monitors, FTP Monitors, as well as simple up/down availability monitors

It Takes A Village To Optimize Performance

Managing performance is not a siloed process. Strengthening your DevOps culture requires communication and collaboration. Designed with DevOps in mind, AlertSite makes it easy to share user experience insights and increase interoperability in your departments. Each monitor tile is sharable, with unique security measures, to fuel collaboration, optimize issue response times, and drive monitoring success in every aspect of your software development lifecycle.

  • Share monitor data securely, with tile (monitor) share options
  • Collaborate on issue remediation and root-cause identification

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