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Software teams all over the world are expected to move faster, test earlier, and release more frequently, all while improving quality and reducing costs.  For teams taking an agile approach or hoping to adopt a DevOps culture in their organization, it’s vital to recognize that proactively monitoring “left” of production is an essential means to achieving these goals.

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Amplify Feedback Loops & Collaborate Effortlessly

DevOps relies on collaboration. AlertSite cultivates collaboration and breaks down department silos so your teams can focus on what's important, together. AlertSite Proactive Monitoring transforms processes by providing teams with:

  • Single source of truth for performance data
  • Ability to reuse design specifications and test scripts
  • Shorter and amplified feedback loops
  • Share data across departments

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Satisfy Your Need for Speed, Support Agile Initiatives

Naturally, when departments are able to work in harmony, you can release faster and with better quality. But to develop collaboration and speed, you need technology that supports your workflows. For DevOps, monitoring continuously can help increase:

  • Agility – reduce MTTR with immediate alerts
  • Automation – leveraging AlertSite’s REST API
  • Accuracy – find and fix issues faster and sooner

Continuous Delivery for Quality and Quantity

Release faster and more often. Sounds simple enough, but as we all know, orchestrating all the moving pieces that go into a release and making sure they’re performing as expected can be a daunting and time-consuming set of tasks. Monitoring “left” of production environments and monitoring more often can help fuel your development cycle. Understanding how your code is brought to life and delivered in both pre-production environments and production environments can help you:

  • Augment your testing and automation processes
  • Understand the performance of your applications, consistently, not just at one point in time
  • Inject quality into each step of your development lifecycle
  • Glean the business impact in real time

The Limit Does Not Exist – Experiment Confidently

Going out of bounds to find new innovative solutions without disrupting your delivery pipeline. Monitoring continuously provides a buffer with which you can explore ideas, test them, and monitor them earlier so you can gauge the success of your endeavors. Curiosity is essential, and monitoring continuously allows you to:

  • Break earlier, fix earlier
  • Understand user experience without the risk
  • Go a step beyond testing - ensure key user journeys are working even if they aren’t encompassed in the test cases executed for a given deployment
  • Analyze and share insights, reports and metrics for the performance, availability, and functional correctness of your apps, APIs, and more.

Take it From Our Customers' Experience

AlertSite is a product of SmartBear Software, the creators of:

  • SoapUI - the most popular API testing tool in the world
  • Ready API - SmartBear's API readiness platform
  • Swagger - the most innovative API framework

AlertSite seamlessly integrates with OpenAPI/Swagger definitions, SoapUI, and Ready API so that you take your functional testing efforts to the next level - monitoring functionality globally or from within your network. 

Watch SK's full talk here!

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