SwaggerHub Now Supports Event-Driven AsyncAPI Specification for Teams Using Multiple API Standards

SwaggerHub AsyncAPI Support recognized with 2022 API Award for Best in Microservices by API World Advisory Board
Somerville, MA — Oktober 18, 2022 —

SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and visibility tools, has released AsyncAPI Specification support in SwaggerHub, the company’s integrated API development platform and choice of API designers, developers, and architects who are building, testing, and deploying high quality APIs. In addition to the OpenAPI Specification for REST APIs, development teams working across event-driven architectures (EDAs) can now collaborate in SwaggerHub to develop, document, and standardize their APIs. AsyncAPI is the leading specification to document and describe event-driven API architectures, including Apache Kafka. 

“Until today, there was no single solution where teams could collaborate, design, and document both synchronous and asynchronous APIs,” said Sean Butler, VP of Product Management at SmartBear. “Adding AsyncAPI event-driven architecture capabilities to SwaggerHub increases the ability for enterprises to have visibility into API estates across multiple specifications. For the first time, message-driven and event-driven dev teams can come together to collaborate and document APIs, create and lookup AsyncAPI definitions, control access between users and APIs, and centralize re-useable components.” 

As companies grow and rely more on automation and expansion through APIs, so does the need to manage that increasing complexity. EDAs add a backbone to an organization's internal services, satisfying the need to rapidly deploy new services, engage in real-time communications, and deliver more value both internally and to end users. 

API standards continue to emerge to meet new challenges. The State of Software Quality | API survey released by SmartBear last year showed the growing popularity of the AsyncAPI standard, doubling from the previous survey. The findings also showed that 81% of respondents use more than one API specification with 57% using three or more.  

With SwaggerHub’s support for the AsyncAPI Specification, SmartBear continues to deliver ways to improve the experience for teams working with APIs and microservices, regardless of the complexity. Improving discoverability with streamlined governance across various specifications that make up modern day microservice architectures improves developer visibility, allowing teams to remain in flow state for longer. 

SwaggerHub AsyncAPI Support won the 2022 API Award for Best in Microservices APIs. The award will be presented at the 2022 API Awards ceremony at API World on October 25, 2022 in San Jose, California. For more information on the awards, go to: https://apiworld.co/awards/ 

Last month, SmartBear announced AsyncAPI Specification support for Swagger Editor, the most widely used open source API editing tool on the market.  

Thousands of teams use SwaggerHub to drive standardization and secure collaboration across the API development lifecycle, including more than 100,000 API practitioners in more than 40,000 organizations and 200,000 API projects.  

To watch the on-demand webinar, “What Is Next for Event-Driven Architectures?” go to: 


For more information on SwaggerHub, go to: https://swagger.io/tools/swaggerhub/ 

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