What Is Next for Event-Driven Architectures?

The API world has grown tremendously since REST and SOAP. While request-response APIs aren’t going anywhere, event-driven architectures (EDAs) have emerged as an improved core component to organizations, acting as the central bus that RESTful and other API systems can integrate with. EDAs offer a more flexible and scalable solution for development teams looking to better manage their microservice estates.

And while EDAs have been steadily establishing themselves, there has been a lack of governance and control over those systems. Today, the AsyncAPI open source initiative seeks to bring to EDAs what OpenAPI and Swagger brought to RESTful systems.

Across both B2B and B2C verticals, like e-Commerce, Financial Services, and Insurance, EDAs provide an enhanced developer experience through decoupled services and centralized infrastructure.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why more and more companies are adopting event-driven architectures to better manage their microservices.
  • How AsyncAPI can be used to control these architectures.
  • How SwaggerHub can enable teams to work collaboratively across both OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specifications.
Duration: 60 minutes

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