SmartBear Expands AI-driven Test Automation Offering with New Integration for Visual Regression Testing

With VisualTest’s AI capabilities within TestComplete, teams can automate visual regression testing without writing automation script, simplifying workflow
SOMERVILLE, Mass. — November 09, 2023 —

SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and visibility tools, has integrated VisualTest, its AI-driven automated regression visual testing tool released in February, with UI test automation tool, TestComplete. Testers can now automate visual regression testing without the need to write automation script, making visual testing capabilities available to more users. VisualTest leverages AI to catch visual defects while ignoring false positives to quickly confirm a website or app looks as designed before being released, ensuring the best customer experience. VisualTest’s AI capabilities allows TestComplete users to experience simpler workflows.

“Historically, visual testing has been difficult to automate due to false positives that create extra manual work,” said Prashant Mohan, Senior Director of Product Management at SmartBear. “Now our new codeless AI solution adds human-like capabilities to automate visual testing in an efficient way. It can catch visual bugs that functional tests miss while also filtering out false positives, maximizing workflow efficiency."

Traditional attempts to automate visual testing using methods like pixel differencing often produce false positives, which can cause excessive test failures. VisualTest employs AI to filter out redundancies, enabling test engineers to use their time to focus on critical changes. Users of VisualTest can expect to reduce their regression testing workload by 70% by eliminating false positives.

Adding VisualTest alongside the AI-powered IQ add-on, TestComplete now makes functional testing smoother and easier. The integration takes TestComplete's AI further for even more well-rounded testing.

VisualTest and TestComplete also integrate with mobile and web application testing solution, BitBar, enabling teams to reduce context switching between visual, web, and real-device testing.

This also provides an additional way for manual testers to ensure high-quality UI experiences and greater confidence in their release quality.

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