SmartBear Releases Automated Visual Testing for Greater Visibility into Costly Visual Errors

AI-driven VisualTest quickly shows developers visual bugs and defects across devices before deployment, ensuring a better application experience
SOMERVILLE, Mass. — February 14, 2023 —

SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and visibility tools, released VisualTest, a new AI-powered automated regression testing tool that allows developers to easily catch visual defects and quickly confirm their website looks as designed, ensuring the best customer experience. Automatically uncovering errors and highlighting inconsistencies using a robust comparison engine, VisualTest delivers component-level visibility alongside the automation processes for CI/CD, giving developers and testers visual accuracy and automation at scale. VisualTest also integrates with mobile and web application testing solution, BitBar, enabling teams to reduce context switching between visual, web, and real-device testing. 

“Customer experience is critical for online businesses, especially now in a fiercely competitive environment,” said Joanna Schloss, Senior VP Product Marketing at SmartBear. “With frequent software updates common for SaaS and e-commerce companies, visual changes happen often and errors can frustrate users. With real device cloud already in place through the BitBar platform, SmartBear is excited to launch our AI-powered VisualTest solution that fully integrates with BitBar. It is quick to deploy through self-service and easy to use, enabling developers to automate visual regression tests and correct problems before they get to the end user.” 

According to Amazon Web Services, e-commerce businesses lose 35% of revenue or about $1.4 trillion annually due to poor user experience.  

With VisualTest, developers gain visibility into the design-and-build phase of the application with next-generation machine learning and AI engine tracking several types of visual changes. VisualTest ignores false positives while highlighting key differences, saving developers time and enhancing their applications. VisualTest essentially replicates the human eye for finding and catching visual errors that are not always detected through traditional functional or end-to-end testing. Using AI to run visual tests allows developers to focus only on important changes or differences. This aligns with the SmartBear goal of helping teams deploy with confidence by validating the quality of their UI in much less time. 

Effective use of AI is critical to solve common testing challenges, especially those related to visual testing. Existing methods of visual testing are unreliable, time consuming, and cumbersome to maintain, and VisualTest fixes these problems through AI and other engineering innovations, significantly improving developer and tester productivity. 
Compatible with Cypress, Selenium Python, and Selenium Java, VisualTest is easy to implement and use making it a great choice if you are just getting started. When you run a script, VisualTest automatically takes a screenshot, compares it to the previous version, and highlights crucial visual changes.  

VisualTest is the latest in the company’s powerful and cost-effective suite of tools that give development teams unprecedented confidence in their software releases. For more information, including a free 14-day trial of VisualTest, go to: 

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