80% of Those Satisfied with Software Quality Participate in Tool-based Code Review Says Survey by SmartBear

Findings from 8th annual code review survey indicate teams are getting larger, remaining remote, and releasing more frequently while review has expanded beyond code
Somerville, MA — January 26, 2022 —

SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and quality tools, released the findings of its 8th annual State of Software Quality | Code Review survey. With nearly 800 respondents, code review remains the biggest influence on improving code quality with unit testing a distant second. With development teams getting larger and remaining remote, a tool-based code review process offers the best advantage, as indicated by 80% of satisfied respondents.  

“As development teams are releasing more frequently than ever, consistent review of code and other artifacts continues to play a vital part in teams’ ability to release quality software, share knowledge, and educate team members,” said Joanna Schloss, Senior VP of Product Marketing at SmartBear. “The findings from this survey continue to help SmartBear advance the mission of better collaboration among software development teams in order to improve software quality, particularly as teams become larger and more geographically dispersed.” 

Some of the report’s highlights include: 

  1. 37% of respondents report a team greater than 10 members, compared to 30% in 2020 and 31% in 2019. 
  2. 47% of those unsatisfied with their code review process are neglecting tool-based code review entirely. 
  3. 43% of respondents are delivering on a biweekly basis or sooner. 
  4. 55% of respondents who are satisfied or highly satisfied with their code review process regularly pull metrics reports. 82% of satisfied and highly satisfied respondents have clear guidelines for their code review process. 

SmartBear conducted the global online survey during Q4 2021. The findings are based on aggregated responses from software developers, testers, IT/operations professionals, and business leaders across 20 different industries. Participants work at companies ranging from fewer than 25 employees to over 10,000 and have software teams ranging from fewer than five to more than 50. 

The 2021 State of Software Quality | Code Review report is available at: https://smartbear.com/state-of-software-quality/code-review/ 

To learn more, listen to the on-demand webinar at: https://smartbear.com/resources/webinars/state-of-software-quality-code-review-2021/

Collaborator is the market leader in code and document review tools, allowing teams to collaborate remotely and ensure they follow an auditable and tracked code and document review process. For more information, including a free trial, visit: https://smartbear.com/product/collaborator/overview/ 

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