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How Code Review Can Improve Software Quality

Whether you're a senior architect, junior developer or a project management lead on a software project, finding bugs in development can be a monumental task. Code review is the most efficient way of noticing and killing bugs, while simultaneously increasing overall understanding of the piece of software, and learning from one another as a team.

Accurate implementation of code reviews can have an enormous impact on your application and development budget. A code review tool can help your entire team get accustomed to code reviews quickly, while also serving as a tremendous collaboration platform. While static analysis tools can help development teams catch any mistakes that often arise with certain programming languages, using a peer code review tool can help a team dive deeper into each other's contributed source code, and deliver a stable, quality piece of software.

What Is Code Review?

Code review involves one or more more fellow programmers inspecting source code they didn't write themselves and providing feedback to the original author.

Is Code Review For You?

Yes, it probably is. But we'll help explain why. Many developers do not believe in code review, learn how code review can help save millions of bugs and defects.

Code Review Best Practices

Code Review, when implemented correctly can transform the QA process for your software. Learn the best tips and strategies from the top code review tool in the industry.