Performance Monitoring

Resources: Performance Monitoring

Modern businesses heavily depend on their online presence and strive to deliver robust and consistent user experience. Performance monitoring tools are vitally important for companies that use websites, web apps, mobile or SaaS apps to connect to their customers or organizations. Better performance directly translates to better customer retention, increased revenue, increased customer lifetime value and elevated brand perception. However, as businesses grow, cross borders and expand their online offerings; delivering and continuously testing and monitoring world class applications becomes more challenging.

In the Age of the Customer, users decide where and how they would like to consume online services. Users expect 24x7 availability and seamless performance across all devices, networks and geographies. Proactively monitoring APIs and business critical applications to ensure that they are available, performing within desired threshold and are functionally correct across all diverse use cases; is the key to success in today’s world. Read through our collection of resources to learn about best practices and important trends in the world of performance monitoring.

Website Performance Monitoring

One Second of web page load delay could cost you millions in online revenue per year. Learn how you can ensure positive user experience and find and fix issues before they impact your business.

Application Performance

Performance is critical mobile, web and SaaS applications. Learn how to develop a solid performance monitoring strategy for your apps and tips and tricks of getting the most from your tools.

API Monitoring

APIs bring you essential data and functionality to your applications. Find out how to ensure availability, performance and functional correctness for the REST and SOAP APIs you provide or consume.