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Performance & Memory Profiling and Code Coverage

One of agile development’s hallmark characteristics is short development cycles, which usually range from two to eight weeks in length. These short cycles leave little to no room for code refactoring or performance tweaks. Thus, programmers need to ensure code runs efficiently from the outset of the project.

Performance profilers are software development tools designed to help you analyze the performance of your applications and improve poorly performing sections of code. They provide measurements of how long a routine takes to execute, how often it is called, where it is called from, and how much of total time at some spot is spent executing that routine. If you've used a profiler in the past, you'll certainly agree that it is a wonderful asset during the development and QA process. If not, you can learn the benefits and best practices in one of our many profiling resources.

Fundamentals of Performance Profiling 

Performance Profiling, in simplest terms is all about checking to see if your code and thus application is as optimized and fast performing as you hoped it would be.

Choosing the Best Code Profiling Tool

Choosing the correct profiling tool is difficult for many development teams. With many choices and features to pick from, we show you which aspects of a profiling tool are the most important

Large Applications: How to Do Code Coverage?

We'll walk you through how we do code coverage analysis on our own product, TestComplete, a large 32 bit application

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