Dev Collaboration + Performance Profiling

SmartBear’s software quality tools are used by development teams to aid them in building and delivering the world’s best applications.  Delivering those applications on time and with as few bugs as possible, means finding issues earlier in the development lifecycle. SmartBear’s Collaborator and AQtime Pro tools help to ensure that issues are found before being shipped downstream.


Collaborator helps enterprise development, testing and management teams work together to produce high quality code. Collaborator is a code review tool that reviews code, user stories and test plans in a transparent, collaborative framework — instantly keeping the entire team up to speed on changes made to the code. By enabling team members to work together to review their work throughout the development process, Collaborator can help you catch bugs and defects before your software hits the market and your customers do!

  • Collaboration among developers and sharing of best practices
  • Changes can quickly be reviewed by anyone available
  • Quickly provide audit reports for regulatory and compliance standards
  • Greater knowledge of the overall code base among developers


AQtime Pro

When it comes to uncovering software performance problems, AQtime Pro is the ideal exploration tool.  It’s easy to track down memory leaks, CPU and other I/O bottlenecks, perform comprehensive code coverage analysis, and perform fault simulation in this powerful, fully featured performance profiling tool.

  • Resolve performance issues within minutes. Analyze hot execution paths down to specific slow lines of code.
  • Find memory and resource leaks in native and .NET applications. Optimize memory usage to improve the application performance.
  • Profile your application directly from Microsoft Visual Studio and Embarcadero RAD Studio as you write the code. No context switching needed!