Combine API and UI Testing For Confidence At Every Layer Of Your Application

Get the test coverage you need in every deployment by combining both API and UI tests using SmartBear tools


What Is End-To-End Testing?

End-to-end testing is a methodology used in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to test the functionality and performance of an application under product-like circumstances and data to replicate live settings. The goal is to simulate what a real user scenario looks like from start to finish. The completion of this testing is not only to validate the system under test, but to also ensure that its sub-systems work and behave as expected. 

Software today is becoming more complex. Applications are built on layers and entire networks of sub-systems, including UI and API layers, external databases, networks, and even third-party integrations. When one fails, so does the entire product, making the stability of each component vital to the success of an application. This means there is a clear need to test the entire application, from start to finish - at both the API and UI layers. End-to-end tests should be run using both automated testing and manual testing tactics - allowing your team to maximize their coverage while also finding new bugs in an exploratory fashion.

SmartBear supports UI and API testing by enabling automated testing at both layers. With our easy to use tools, testers and developers can pass values between the two tools - validating steps at all layers. With an automated testing tool from SmartBear, you’ll be able to run automated end-to-end tests to expand test coverage, reduce time and costs, and ultimately gain confidence with each release.

How SmartBear Can Help With End-To-End Testing

Test Reusability

SmartBear enables maximum reusability - allowing API tests to be reused to create functional, performance, and security tests in just a few clicks and share test data between UI and API layers.

Reduce Maintenance

As you build out larger regression suites and tests, test maintenance can become burdensome to Agile and DevOps teams. Update data and assertions in centralized project systems.

Easier Test Creation

Both TestComplete and ReadyAPI make test creation a breeze for both technical and non-technical testers. Automate complex scenarios with easy to use and intuitive interfaces.

Wide Application Support

Create, manage, and execute functional tests on nearly any application - desktop, mobile, web, REST, SOAP, microservices, databases, and more using ReadyAPI and TestComplete.

Dynamic Execution

Execute your API and UI tests in conjunction from your test management tool, your CI/CD pipeline, or from each different tool - allowing for dynamic execution in nearly any environment.


Integrate with your favorite tools in your workflow like Jira, Slack, Jenkins, TeamCity, or Docker for the ultimate compliment to your DevOps toolchain.

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Benefits of End-To-End Testing

Conducting end-to-end testing will help you ensure your software is production-ready and avoid risks post-release. The process is essential to your application’s success for a few key reasons:

  1. Confirms Your Application Health: End-to-end testing will validate that your software is functional at every level – from the front to back-end and on multiple systems – as well as provide perspective on its performance across different environments.
  2. Expands Test Coverage: By incorporating the many different sub systems in your testing process, you’ll effectively expand your test coverage and create additional test cases that may have not previously been considered.
  3. Detects Bugs & Increases Application Productivity: In end-to-end testing, software is usually tested after every iteration, meaning you’ll be able to find and fix any issues faster. This will reduce the chances of bugs making it further into the testing process (and also production), thereby ensuring the application workflows operate seamlessly.
  4. Reduces Testing Efforts & Costs: With fewer bugs, breakdowns, and comprehensive testing each step of the way, end-to-end testing will also decrease your need to repeat tests, and ultimately, the costs and time associated with doing so.

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