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A. REQUIRED1: the TestComplete Platform
Node-locked License
TestComplete Platform $1000
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1 TestComplete Platform provides a test IDE with foundational components for automated testing, recording, and integration with third-party tools. To run a TestComplete module, you must first install and license a TestComplete platform upon which the module can run.


B. REQUIRED2: at least 1 of the three modules: Web, Mobile, or Desktop
Module Type
TestComplete Web $999
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TestComplete Mobile $1299
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TestComplete Desktop $999
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2 Technology modules extend the platform to enable testing of specific application technologies (Web, Mobile, and Windows Desktop and Client/Server).To use any of the technology modules, you will need to have TestComplete platform installed and licensed. You can use multiple Modules (1 web + 1 mobile + 1 desktop) on one platform, which allows you to build complex system tests for multi-client, multi-tier applications with a database backend.


C. Optional: add-ons to your modules
TestExecute n/a
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HP Quality Center Connector $199 $449


D. Optional: add-ons to your modules
Environment Manager
  • One Parallel TestComplete Test (2 users)
  • Video Replays of Your Tests
  • Unlimited Screenshots
  • Unlimited Live Testing
  • Full Access to CrossBrowserTesting
  • Works with both Node-Locked and Floating TestComplete Licenses

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Which Module to Choose: Web, Mobile, and/or Desktop?

You can use one or several modules with the TestComplete Platform. The module (or modules) to be chosen depends on the technology that was used for creating the tested application. If you are not sure about this, we recommend that you speak to application developers if possible. Note that modern programming technologies are complex and in certain cases, you may need a module other than you might expect, or you may need several modules. We hope that the following table will help you make the right choice:

Application Type Needed Module Comments
AIR applications Web AIR applications are implemented with technologies that are similar to web applications.
Android applications Mobile Supports applications running on physical devices, virtual machines and emulators.
Applications that run on the Windows desktop Desktop This module provides object recognition in .NET, native and Java applications. Some specific applications may require other modules. See below.
ClickOnce applications Desktop or Desktop+Web Use the Web module if you need to test the application start from a browser.
Desktop applications that display web pages Desktop or Desktop+Web Use the Web module only if you need access to web page elements in the built-in browser.
Desktop applications that export data in HTML format Desktop or Desktop+Web Use the web module only if you need access to individual objects of the exported HTML pages.
Desktop applications that export data in XML format Desktop XML support is part of TestComplete Platform. The Web module is not needed.
Flash and Flex Out-of-Browser applications Web These applications work with Web technologies.
HTA applications Web HTA applications use a WebBrowser control to display the application UI. It is supported by the Web module.
Mobile web browser Web To emulate mobile web browsers, TestComplete uses the functionality of the Web module plug-ins.
Silverlight Out-of-Browser applications Web These applications use a built-in web browser. It is supported by the Web module.
Web pages opened in a browser Web For information on supported browsers, see the Web module description above.
Windows Store applications Web or Desktop To test JavaScript-based Windows Store applications, use the Web module. To test XAML-based applications, use the Desktop module.
WPF XBAP applications Desktop+Web You need the Desktop module to expose some of the application objects and Web to expose some other objects.

If you do not know the development tool and technologies that are used for creating your tested applications, contact an application developer, if possible.


Buy Training and Certification for Test Automation Professionals

TestComplete Training License Price
Computer-Based Training (CBT) Bundle with Certification 1-year Subscription* $449
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Computer-Based Training 1-year Subscription* $349
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Certification single use $149
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* The named license means "one license per human being."

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Frequently Asked Certification Questions

  • How long is my certification compliant for?
    Certification is good for two years. You are certified on TestComplete, but not a particular version number.
  • Can more than one person access the videos on one account?
    No. If you have multiple people interested in gaining access to the training library, you will need to purchase individual accounts.
  • Can I access the video library from any device?
    Yes! The videos will play on any Android, iOS or Microsoft device – desktop, tablet or mobile.
  • Will the videos be updated with new versions of TestComplete?
    Absolutely. Expect to see the updated videos soon after we release new versions. If you have an account you will have access to those videos without any additional cost immediately.
  • Do I need to watch the training videos in order to become certified?
    Absolutely not! The TestComplete Certification is truly for those who have been using TestComplete for some time. While the on-demand videos may assist you, they are not necessary to pass the certification. What is important is that before attempting the exam, you have at least 6 months experience in TestComplete.




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