Beat the Competition with TestComplete's New AI-Driven Visual Techniques!
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  July 26, 2018

Are you tired of running mundane manual tests right before a big software release? Do you embrace automation, but feel like today’s tools don’t provide adequate test coverage and end-to-end solutions? Looking for a simple way to recognize object properties automatically? Let TestComplete, the easiest-to-use automated UI testing tool, solve your problems!

SmartBear is excited to announce a limited-time-only, TestComplete Beta open for trial, with features that are sure to knock your socks off!

  • Test anything, test everything! Expand your test coverage to objects that are not natively recognized, with TestComplete’s new and powerful AI-driven visual technique. This feature can be used for testing complex controls like charts, mobile apps, packaged applications such as SAP, console screens, PDFs and any application with text or visual components.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff! You can now automate your test design and maintenance with our intelligent recommendation system and one-click Name Mapping management. The new recommendation system will provide smart alternatives for ‘object not found’ errors – the most common type of errors during UI testing. Now in a click of a button, TestComplete will highlight all unused items in your Name Mapping suite for you to clean up. Spring cleaning has never been easier!
  • Hello world! Easily test applications based on React, Angular and other modern JavaScript frameworks (used by companies like Facebook, PayPal, Netflix and WhatsApp) with our new 'custom attributes' feature. The latest TestComplete now provides an option to add specific custom attributes to your project settings so that you can test any modern JavaScript framework that uses custom attributes like data-*, ng-* and aria-*.
  • Level-up! Ensure higher test success rates for record and playback test cases through updated wizards, intuitive workflows and performance improvements. Enjoy improved stability during test creation, recording, and testing in addition to support for all the latest browser versions and mobile platforms.

To join the three-week beta program from July 26th through August 16th, click here. We will assist you every step of the way as you learn how to use the new TestComplete effectively.

Embrace AI in automation and ride the wave of the future with TestComplete!