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Zephyr Squad
$10 / month
Flexible test management for Agile teams inside Jira



Global Settings in Jira
Enable/disable Zephyr on project level    
Create custom fields    
Create custom test execution status    
Create step results execution status    
Enable/disable execution workflow    
ADG UI (new and old user experience option)    
Remote link configuration    
Version configuration    
“Show Create Zephyr Test on Issue Type(s)” configuration option    
Append cycle/folder clone with prefix setting    
Sort cycle folders    
Reindex all projects and individual projects    
Hard reindex   N/A
Automatic and manual backup  𝑖Done as part of Jira backup  
Index recovery   N/A
Configuring API keys N/A  
Clear server cache    
Clear permission cache    
Clear cycle cache   N/A
Cleanup cycles   N/A
Clear gadget cache   N/A
Workflow validator    
View different levels of logs   N/A
Cleanup orphan executions   N/A
Zephyr maintenance mode custom message option   N/A
Issue security    
Enable/disable Importer    
Cleanup Orphan Audit history   N/A
Sort issues configuration    
Project Settings
NextGen support N/A  
Enable/disable Zephyr custom field configuration    
Enable/disable BDD    
Test Design
Create/edit/delete test steps    
Include custom fields and attachments    
Clone/copy test steps    
Test details history    
Create/download BDD scenarios    
Test details (lite, detail view, full grid view)    
Reorder test steps    
Test Planning
Support for test plans - cycle folder creation    
Hierarchical folder structure for test cycle    
Add test to cycle using individual, saved filters, other cycles    
Add assignee to test cases    
Cycle summary - list and details    
Sort cycle folders    
Clone/delete/move cycle or folders    
Search cycle/folders    
Help - app walkthrough / tour    
Export test cycle and folders to HTML/XML/CSV CSV Only  
Move execution from cycle to folder    
Reorder executions    
Bulk add tests to cycle - via Search Issues page in Jira    
Project archiving    
Test Execution
Creation of test executions    
Update execution and test step results (custom fields/status/comments/attachments/defects)    
Execution workflow / time tracking    
Execution history    
Search executions by using basic and advance filter options    
Bulk operations (change execution status/move/copy/assign/link defects/custom fields/delete)    
Export test execution to HTML/XML/CSV    
Predefined filters    
Create search execution filters    
Test Summary
Summary report (test by version/label/component)    
Test creation: 30-day summary chart    
Test execution: 30-day summary chart    
Forward traceability (requirements -> test -> execution -> defects)    
Backward traceability (defects -> execution -> test -> requirements)    
Export traceability to HTML/Excel    
Tabular report view    
Tree report view    
Traceability matrix with the ability to use Jira and Zephyr filters    
Agile integration
Sprint view - Adding cycles to sprint    
Issue view - Managing test issues in sprint    
Native support for BDD (Gherkin/Cucumber)    
REST API support    
Supported automation frameworks
Eggplant, JUnit, Selenium, SoapUI, TestNG, Tricentis Tosca, UFT
Eggplant, JUnit, Selenium, SoapUI, TestNG, Tricentis Tosca, UFT, Cucumber
CI/CD scripts    
Importer Internal and external Internal and external
Jira permissions    
Zephyr permissions    
Jenkins add-on    
Bamboo add-on    
Number of built-in test metrics reports N/A 5
Number of gadgets in Jira dashboard 9 9
Number of charts in Jira reports 3 3

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