Zephyr Enterprise Features

Stop starting, start finishing. Achieve continuous testing agility in a standalone solution with bi‑directional Jira integration, enterprise‑grade test planning and auditing, vast test automation options and premium enterprise support.

Information at a Glance

Get ready-to-use reports and customizable dashboards, updated in real time. Share test results and link with your team in Jira to connect any known issues. Improve info sharing during standup meetings, which greatly increases workflow efficiency.

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Build test requirements

Zephyr Enterprise supports bi-directional and multi-instance Jira integration, as well as the ability to support multiple projects simultaneously – up to 200,000 test cases. It also provides seamless integration within Jira, so requirement lists are up to date.

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Test Repository

Create, categorize, and store your test cases. Zephyr Enterprise provides a global repository for test cases that can then be shared across the organization. Easily share test cases with other projects and quickly reuse test cases thanks to structured folder management.

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Test execution

Get alignment on the list of requirements between development and QA teams. Execute tests step by step, launch automated execution, and manage pass/fail status, then file those defects right into Jira. Collaborate across teams and projects with a single tool, and align in a more efficient way.

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Test automation

Zephyr Enterprise supports universal test automation and the widest range of automation frameworks, so you can work with your favorite the tools you already like using. Increase your test coverage, increase your release velocity, and do it while decreasing your operation costs.

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Share key information

Sharing powers quality. Zephyr Enterprise provides a global repository for test cases that can be shared across the entire organization. Share status with any audience, internally or externally. With current information across your organization and teams, you can drive more efficiencies with fewer bugs.

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Customizable reporting

The reporting capabilities of Zephyr Enterprise are the gold standard within the Zephyr product family. Get the visibility you need with ready-to-use reports and customizable dashboards. They’re updated in real-time with all information, from manual to automated testing.

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