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Swagger offers the most comprehensive tools to help you take full advantage of all the capabilities of the OpenAPI Specification (OAS).

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APIs connect machines and humans together. They’re the building blocks of the connected digital ecosystem of the 21st century, working in the background to make everything from video games to medical devices and everything in between.

The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) creates a common framework for the entire API lifecycle to define your RESTful service's functionality, including their resources, and associated request-response cycles. The OAS is both human and machine readable, and acts as the blueprint of your entire API development and delivery letting you communicate the value and functionality of your API, both to internal stakeholders, and external consumers

Why Choose the OpenAPI Specification?

Human and Machine Readable
OAS provides a standard format for all the stakeholders in your API development to achieve alignment, and has the functionality built in to automate your API development.
Open Source
The OpenAPI Specification is a community-driven open specification within the Open API Initiative, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.
A Single Source of Truth
Streamline your API’s build process by keeping its design, documentation, and implementation synchronized and updated automatically.
Bring Your Own Language
Develop APIs in the technology stack of your choice with client libraries and server templates in every popular language.
Code or Definition First
Define the interface of your API first or generate the definition from your existing APIs in run time.
Join Millions of Developers
OAS is used by millions of developers around the globe and is supported by all of the leading API development and management platforms.

The Leader in API Development With the OpenAPI Specification for Small and Large Organizations:


Intuitive API Design

Swagger offers the most intuitive editor for writing your OAS definition, with smart feedback and auto-fill for error-free design. Available for small projects in the open source Swagger Editor or for teams and organizations in the integrated SwaggerHub platform.

Faster API Design

Automate and Host Documentation

Swagger UI lets you visualize your APIs operations and let internal developers and external consumers quickly adopt your API. Generate interactive API docs right from your OAS definition with the open source Swagger UI or host, maintain, and share your docs from SwaggerHub.

Better API Documentation

Streamline Client and Server Generation

Quickly move from design to development with Swagger code generation, which lets you automatically generate scaffolding for server stubs and client SDKs, based on your OAS definition. SwaggerHub also includes out-of-the-box integrations with source control hosts to keep your definition in sync with your generated code.

Automated Code Generation

Improve Governance and Standardization

SwaggerHub offers the first platform for organizations to standardize how different development teams are designing APIs with OAS. With built-in tools to set and enforce API standards, and re-usable models that can be used across teams, SwaggerHub helps enterprise architects standardize on OAS across their organization.

Standardize Your API Design

Try It Out!

curl -X PUT "" -H "accept: application/xml" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{ \"id\": 0, \"category\": { \"id\": 0, \"name\": \"string\" }, \"name\": \"Kitty\", \"photoUrls\": [ \"string\" ], \"tags\": [ { \"id\": 0, \"name\": \"string\" } ], \"status\": \"available\"}"

Mock APIs in Seconds

Setup virtual mocks from your OAS definition to enable parallel development between your development and QA teams. ServiceV Pro can setup realistic, dynamic mocks in seconds from you’re your existing OAS definition.


Test for Functionality and Performance 

Swagger tooling and the ReadyAPI platform make it easy to rapidly create, manage, & execute API tests in your pipeline. Generate test cases for your functional, security, and performance testing right from your OAS definition.

Start Testing Your APIs

Monitor for Availabilty

Monitor your production or staged API endpoints by uploading your OAS definition into AlertSite and analyze uptime, performance bottlenecks, and more. API monitoring is critical in a world where APIs connect systems across the entire line of business.

Global API Monitoring

The Complete Toolset for OAS API Development

SmartBear is committed to building the most advanced set of tools for API development with OAS. SmartBear tools are easy-to-use tools that offer the flexibility to fit your team’s workflow so that you can unleash your passion to create great software.