To be blunt, software development and quality management is not an exact science. They’re complex processes, with a lot of moving parts. Effective planning and oversight are crucial to reduce the risks of the many things that can go wrong.

This white paper shares the experiences of a veteran software developer who has seen it all. He presents 15 common problems development teams face and offers tips and techniques to overcome—and maybe even avoid—these pitfalls.

The author tackles such thorny issues as:
  • Why software releases take six months or longer to complete
  • What to attack first when planning an iteration
  • How to know if your iteration will complete on time
  • How to determine adequate test coverage for each requirement
  • Ensuring testing is progressing properly
  • Avoiding multiple rewrites of the same code
  • How to evaluate overall quality once software is in production
  • How to help your team grow professionally and learn from mistakes


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