A SmartBear White Paper

Cloud-based applications can deliver far more value at far less cost than traditional applications — IF their special performance challenges are addressed and the user experience is great.

Delighting users from the cloud means winning performance issues that are unique to the cloud. After all, how well your application performs is based on how well users perceive it performs. Is it reliable? Is it fast? Is it compatible with the user’s phone, tablet, desktop computer, set top box, car or (even) kitchen appliance?

Learn how these eight keys can help you cloud-optimize your applications:

  1. Geographically dispersed monitoring.
  2. Synthetic user monitoring.
  3. Cross browser and mobile device monitoring.
  4. Performance and load testing.
  5. Fault isolation.
  6. Integrated API functional and load testing.
  7. Website performance benchmarks.
  8. Google Analytics integration.

Download the white paper now to learn about practical solutions to optimize your applications for the cloud!


Download the white paper