Agile development is a faster, more efficient and cost-effective method of delivering high-quality software. 
However, agile presents testing challenges beyond those of waterfall development. That’s because agile requirements are more lightweight, and agile builds happen more frequently to sustain rapid sprints. Agile testing 
requires a flexible and streamlined approach that complements the speed of agile. 
Smart Agile Testing is a set of timesaving techniques specifically designed to make the work of agile testing 
teams easier and more productive. It is an empowering process that produces great results and has a simple 
mission: Get the best possible testing results with the least amount of work.

These challenge- and solution-based techniques do not require major changes in your existing workflow. You 
can adopt them in increments, which enables you to focus on one specific challenge and meet it head-on with a 
precise, targeted solution.

In this whitepaper are five common challenges agile teams face and the recommended solutions 
teams need to adopt to handle them quickly and effectively.
Challenge 1: Inadequate Test Coverage
Challenge 2: Accidentally Broken Code Due to Frequent Builds
Challenge 3: Finding Defects Early, When They’re Cheaper and Easier to Fix
Challenge 4: Inadequate Testing for Your Published API
Challenge 5: Ensuring That New Releases Don’t Create Performance Bottlenecks


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