Debunking 3 Common CMMI Peer Review Myths

There’s a lot of confusion around the Capability Maturity Model Integration‚Ä® (CMMI) and peer reviews. Should you care? Yes, and here’s why:
  1. Peer reviews are an expected practice and required to achieve CMMI compliance.
  2. The way many organizations conduct these reviews wastes time and effort.
  3. Poor peer review practices and documentation may result in failure to achieve CMMI compliance.

CMMI Peer Review
This white paper provides straight talk and clear advice on what the CMMI really requires with respect to peer reviews; how to get the most value from your peer reviews; and what to look for in peer review software to improve the performance of your organization while achieving CMMI compliance. It includes three case studies that that highlight common, but costly, CMMI mistakes.

You’ll learn techniques to eliminate wasted effort while tuning your team’s performance for the greatest competitive advantage, including:
  • Three commonly held myths associated with the CMMI and peer reviews
  • CMMI key facts related to peer review requirements
  • Common peer review best practices used by CMMI mature organizations