What’s new with Zephyr Enterprise: Better features for BDD, test automation, & Jira integration

Zephyr Enterprise releases new features every month. We’re excited to show you all the new capabilities implemented recently that will help your teams become more Agile! They include support for BDD with a Gherkin editor, support for more CI/CD tools for test automation, and an even tighter integration to Jira - all while making Zephyr Enterprise more scalable and secure.

Here are some of the key new features recently delivered:

  • BDD capabilities: BDD practice is on the rise, with increasing adoption by developers and testers at large Enterprises. With the latest release, we’re bringing the SmartBear state-of-art BDD support to our Zephyr Enterprise customers within our Jira plugin.
  • Test automation support: We now offer broader support for all CI/CD tools out there! Combined with the ability of our custom parsers to support any automation framework, now the entire Enterprise can aggregate automation quality metrics in one place.
  • Tighter integration to Jira: Our customers love Jira, and we continue to invest heavily in the Jira experience to help more of their teams adopt Agile practices and bring all quality metrics to their fingertips - with Jira in the center of the experience.

Join us on March 24 for an insightful webinar where our Zephyr Enterprise experts will be walking you through all these new features and more.

Duration: 60 minutes

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