Stop Delaying Deployments: Detect While You Design with SwaggerHub + PactFlow

Maximizing the true benefit of APIs and microservices requires a modern approach to API design, development and testing. And at the crux is ensuring agreement between the design of the API and how it behaves in the real world to uphold a quality experience for the service’s end user.  

Many teams experience the negative impact of the alignment as they scale microservices and that’s why we have created a direct integration between PactFlow and SwaggerHub to solve for this.  

This integration seeks to answer the question “will my API behave the way we agreed it should?” by providing an instant, PactFlow-powered ‘compatibility check’ directly in the SwaggerHub Editor. 

Now, API designers and developers can orchestrate design-first API contract testing - harnessing the power the contract testing at scale to deploy with confidence, knowing updates to their API specification will not result in a breaking change.   

Join us to better understand design-first API contract testing with PactFlow and SwaggerHub and see the new integration in action. 

Duration: 1 hour

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