Transparency Through Peer Review in the SDLC

The Software Development Life Cycle is a constantly evolving process as development methodologies and tools change, and timeframes for delivering a quality software product get shorter.  As DevOps teams move to adapt to these changes, and toolsets for process automation to streamline the SDLC are added to workflows, how do you maintain quality at every turn in the development highway? By using Collaborator; a centralized approach to Peer Review for code, documentation, test results, and any other artifacts from the SDLC.

We’ll talk through using Collaborator as the hub for making the processes of the SDLC transparent to everyone involved.  In this webinar, we’ll scratch the surface at putting eyes on output results from various process steps to help ensure quality at every turn and ignite your imagination on how you can lift the veil on your SDLC.    

Highlights include:

  • How to add output results to a review
  • Incorporating links to external tools
  • Incorporating Collaborator Review into automation pipelines
  • Showcasing our upcoming feature integration with Azure DevOps
Mel Gage

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