Transforming Performance Testing For Agile Teams With Service Virtualization

Load and performance testing are often the last parts of the software development process - requiring the entire system to be completed (data, environments, the application!) in order run our testing. The more dependencies in a system, the longer our tests tend to take. For Agile and DevOps teams, this can spell disaster - deploying at the end of the sprint can push load testing off your checklist, and let performance bugs get deployed to your customers.

Service virtualization can help transform performance testing for fast moving teams and allow them to conduct load testing earlier in their sprint, against a larger number of components, under conditions they control.

Join us to learn:

  • The challenges of Load Testing in Agile
  • The benefits of Load Testing third-party services
  • How virtualization can provide realistic testing environments
  • How to run load tests against a virtual asset
Aaron Fox
Ronan Trainor

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