The Developer Talent Gap: What Software Teams Can Do About It

Are you a developer currently building a desktop, mobile or web application? Are you on a team that consists solely of other developers? If so, your world is changing - Market trends around emerging technologies and agile methodologies are shaping software development priorities, driving demand for faster release cycles and the need for quality to be considered earlier in the application lifecycle. How you will be measured for success will expand, the people you work with day in and day out will include members from other functions, and the products you are building will reach new limits.

Future developers will need to learn and adopt new skills for emerging platforms including Artificial Intelligence, non-programming languages, and the latest agile methodologies, incorporating new objectives to their daily obligations. Software teams aspire to hire future engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset to not only create efficient and robust code, but also self-learn these new skills and address new organizational challenges, creating an developer talent gap across industries. Developers have a responsibility to close the talent gap and look where their teams are missing the mark around quality, customer experience, and time to market. It will become a developer's imperative to adopt their approach and mindset to ensure they stay relevant in this uncertain, volatile, complex world.

Join us to learn:

  • Which trends will define the future landscape for software development
  • What skills will ultimately shape the future role for developers
  • How software teams can close the widening developer talent gap

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Damien Walsh
Dermot Canniffe

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