The Designer Series: Exploring API Auto Mock in SwaggerHub

How can you design, refine, and develop your API without writing a single line of code? As your API design matures you may want to see how it works and run a simple test to validate it is following your design concept. This is where SwaggerHub can help you as an API developer through its built-in API Auto Mock capability.

This feature in SwaggerHub allows you to create a static version of your API to simulate responses and provide a sense of how your API will work. The SwaggerHub Auto Mock is updated every time you save the API, meaning you no longer must find and use external tools to create mock services.

In this SwaggerHub Designer Series webinar, we will explore how the API design process can be greatly improved by allowing you to iterate quickly on how the API behaves.  When you can gauge both the look and feel of an API from the API consumer’s perspective, you’re on the way to building a great API, and one that will have successful adoption.

Duration: 30 minutes

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