Hands-On Web UI Testing with Python

Unit tests are great, but they don’t catch all bugs because they don’t test features like a user. Never fear! Let’s learn how to write robust, scalable Web UI tests using Python, pytest, and Selenium WebDriver that cover the full stack for any Web app.

Unit tests are a great way to start Web app testing and automation, but the buck doesn’t stop there. Black-box feature tests that interact with the app like a user are just as important. They catch things unit tests cannot. The challenge is that Web UI tests are complicated and notoriously unreliable.

So, how can we write tests well?

Topics that will be covered:

  • Using Python 3, Pytest, and Selenium WebDriver to Write Tests like a Pro
  • Modeling Web UI interactions with Page Objects
  • Deciding What Should & Shouldn't be Tested with Automation
  • Improving the Solution to Scale Higher
  • Live Q&A with Andy
Nick Brown
Andy Knight

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