Shifting Your Security Testing Left: How Your Development Team Can Take Part in API Security

With the adoption of shifting testing left, there is a trend for additional activities to be pushed earlier in the SDLC, namely Security. The traditional approach of guarding and securing the application's perimeter is not enough protection for today’s fast-paced threats and vulnerabilities. Open-source code use in nearly all modern projects leaves us with an unknown quantity of exposed vulnerabilities in our most important code.

Secure Pro can help organizations take a giant step forward in their DevSecOps journey - enabling them to embed hardening security tests right in their CI/CD pipeline with minimal effort and maximum scalability. In this webinar we’ll go over some common security practices around APIs and show how SmartBear API tools can help developers Harden their APIs earlier in the SDLC.

You'll walk away with:

  1. A general web security overview
  2. API security best practices
  3. An intro to SecOps
  4. A demo of Secure Pro finding defects in our API
Duration: 60 minutes

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