Shift Up to Release Quality Code Faster

Progressive Delivery is having a renaissance as teams try to keep up with user demand by accelerating releases. As teams adopt this strategy, a lot of the focus has centered around shifting right. This makes sense as you monitor for errors and usage while releasing to more and more of your audience. 

But, by placing so much emphasis on shifting right, teams can neglect investment in discovery and design, and even test automation. How can teams achieve progressive delivery not just at production, but throughout the SDLC? 

Join us to learn how SmartBear’s approach, shifting up, achieves the best of shift left and shift right methodologies to release quality software the first time. Connect the dots throughout the SDLC from building new features in Cucumber Open, to testing them with specific user segments, monitoring the code for any errors in Bugsnag, and aggregating the results in our Zephyr Test Management solution.  

In this webinar you’ll hear about: 

  • Why shifting up takes the pressure off your developers and gives them confidence in their releases 
  • Where TDD and BDD meet observability to give full visibility into your code and your users 
  • How to minimize risk and accelerate releases from design through post-production 
  • How SmartBear tools work together with your stack to achieve your progressive delivery goals 
  • Product demos and Q&A 
Duration: 45 minutes

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