How Sapiens Decision Increased Speed and Scalability with ReadyAPI

If you’ve ever received approval for a mortgage or a bank loan of any kind, chances are you have Sapiens Decision to thank for it. Why is that? It’s because Sapiens Decision provides interactive business logic modeling software that helps financial services organizations ensure that every single decision they make is the right decision.  

Serving the financial services sector certainly comes with its challenges; there are thousands of steps – or decisions to be made – within a myriad of different processes and systems, not to mention the huge reliance on complex, interconnected platforms and systems that need to be operated in order to process a growing number of records and files. So the question becomes; as financial institutions scale … how does Sapiens Decision scale with them?

Enter ReadyAPI!

By implementing ReadyAPI, the Sapiens Decision Execution (DE) server found the means to measure, maintain, and improve performance. DE is based on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enabled with both SOAP and RESTful web services, which is perfect for today’s multi-channel environment where a flexible, robust, powerful, and fast execution engine is a key requirement. And through ReadyAPI and its performance testing capabilities, Sapiens Decision was able to ensure fast execution at scale.   

So join us to hear Larry Goldberg, Evangelist, and Gil Segal, Director of Implementation and Training, talk about their journey with ReadyAPI. 

You will hear about:

  • Challenges Sapiens DECISION faced when scaling its DE server 
  • Requirements it was looking for in a Performance testing solution 
  • How ReadyAPI enabled them to increase confidence and level of certainty  
  • How they plan to scale usage of ReadyAPI moving forward 
Noel Wurst
Larry Goldberg
Gil Segal

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