From RESTful Roots to GraphQL Frontiers: A Comparative Discussion

REST architecture has long been the cornerstone of API design, offering simplicity and scalability. However, GraphQL, a relatively newer technology, has gained rapid traction for its flexibility and tailored data retrieval capabilities, especially with the growing popularity of mobile app development, social media, and interactive data analysis. 

Although REST is holding strong as the dominant API design style - over 93% of developers stated that they had used REST in the past year in a 2022 Stack Overflow survey - GraphQL is growing in its own right, with the same survey revealing that developers using GraphQL had grown from 30% to 43% year over year. 

Join us for an educational webinar as we explore the world of REST and GraphQL APIs. This session aims to provide a comprehensive comparative analysis, highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, and real-world use cases of both approaches. 

  • REST vs. GraphQL 101 
  • Trends driving multi-protocol API development 
  • Use cases
  • Demo 
Duration: 60 Minutes

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