ReadyAPI Now Supports OpenAPI 3.0

Please join us for a review of what's new in Ready API 2.0. There's something for everyone, whether you are using SoapUI, LoadUI, ServiceV and VirtServer, or Secure!

The experts at SmartBear will show off the newest features of Ready API, including:

  • Dashboards: New dashboard provides analytics and insights into your test results. Dashboard elements for each product in the suite (SoapUI, LoadUI, Secure and ServiceV) give you a graphical view which makes it easy to track and analyze your tests and control your virtual APIs. This includes built in reporting and drill-in for more details makes it easy to see trends never available before.
  • API Security Scans: In addition to the dashboard, SoapUI Pro has been enhanced with advanced security testing capabilities. You can now add security scans to your existing functional tests with just a click. This will help you ensure that critical API security testing occurs along functional testing and is no more an afterthought.
  • Virtual APIs: We have made virtual API enhancements to improve the performance and usability of routing/recording, we have made it easier for you to manage the VirtServer through an interactive UI and provided an informative view of the transaction log.
Gail Shlansky
Mike Giller

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