How Praxis Engineering Delivers Speed and Quality in a World of Complexity with Zephyr Enterprise

Global security has never been more important in a rapidly evolving world. The work customs organizations do is complex, sensitive, and critical to global security and compliance, all while trying to move travellers through at an efficient pace. As technological advancements continue to grow, it is essential need to have well-performing applications to ensure safe and secure experiences.

Praxis Engineering supports numerous defense and intelligence customers across the United States and world. They realized they needed a uniform way to manage their testing and were tasked to innovate. They chose Zephyr Enterprise to maintain testing efforts for their border control application. They required a test repository and a way to track automated and manual test results in the same place, giving teams and management the right amount of visibility into their work.

By supporting a variety of automation frameworks, Zephyr Enterprise allows Praxis to place heavy focus on automation so that they can focus on the areas that can’t be fully automated, like functional and hardware testing.

Join us as we hear from Carolyn Jones, PMP, Software Engineer at Praxis Engineering as we learn about:

  • The challenges of testing at scale as global security grows and becomes more complex
  • The need to bring test management and test automation to their practices to optimize time and staffing priorities
  • How Zephyr Enterprise and SmartBear enabled them to accelerate their test management practices and release faster, and with better quality while ensuring their data remained secure and compliant
Duration: 60 minutes

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