Practical Steps for Scaling API Development with Quality

Given the vital role APIs play in today’s digital economy, it has become essential to manage the API development lifecycle to ensure quality and avoid costly delays or potential business disruption. The ability to scale API development across distributed teams, both internal and external, requires efficient management of the API workflow - from its design to deprecation.

Scalable API quality occurs when you have a platform that can operate across the entire API workflow - from standardization and collaboration, publishing and versioning to virtualization and testing, to helping automate API integration into your CI/CD Pipelines.

Join the SmartBear API Solutions team for a virtual seminar where we:

  • Explore the benefits of adopting a design-first approach to API development
  • Demonstrate how your API definitions can accelerate testing earlier in the lifecycle
  • Increase CI/CD efficiency using your API design and testing workflows

API Design First Workflow

An in-depth look at API design and the best practices for ensuring design consistency across the API workflow. We will examine how to use SwaggerHub to enforce API standardization, gather input and facilitate collaboration across various stakeholders and API versions, and the ensuing organizational benefits for using an API ‘design first’ approach.

API Testing & Virtualization Workflow

An expanded view of API testing and virtualization workflows and the various systems that can rely on SwaggerHub as a single source of truth. We will demonstrate how to use API definitions to facilitate parallel work streams, enabling autogeneration of service virtualization, and functional tests to improve efficiency. 

Automated Design & Testing Workflow

Finally, we will show how to integrate your design, testing and virtualization workflows into an automated CI build pipeline using GitHub Actions.

Duration: 1 hour

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