The Growing Trend of Open Source Testing Frameworks

Similar to development frameworks, Selenium testing frameworks seem to be popping up left and right, everywhere you look. The Selenium Ecosystem has become a vast marketplace for the latest and "greatest" test frameworks to showcase how they think Selenium should be implemented. In many cases, these frameworks do bring some great functionality and ease-of-use. But which one should you choose, and is there one framework to rule them all?

In the final webinar of our testing framework series, we'll explore some of the open source frameworks used for browser testing and how you can use them to add a little extra to your web testing. We'll go over pros and cons of frameworks like Protractor, Nightwatch, and Mocha, and hopefully make choosing the right one for you a bit easier.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Which are the most used Selenium testing frameworks
  • Pros & cons of some of the top frameworks
  • How to use a JavaScript framework like Protractor
Daniel Giordano

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