Microservices & Kubernetes: From Design-First to Automated Deployment with OpenAPI

Organizations are increasingly adopting API-first development strategies to meet the digital immediacy needs of today’s tech-enabled consumer. Leveraging a microservices architecture, development teams benefit from a more agile and efficient software development lifecycle that helps them deliver a seamless customer experience more quickly.

With APIs consuming the world of software, and microservices conquering the land of monoliths, how are organizations handling their API estates at scale? Kubernetes, the container orchestration system, has been an extremely popular choice for many to deal with management, scaling, and deployment of microservices.

While Kubernetes helps to rein in API sprawl, it also brings its own set of challenges. Organizations are struggling to get the optimal developer experience, API quality and consistency of their Kubernetes configurations in control.

The combination of SwaggerHub and Kubeshop’s Kusk enables organizations to have a true single source of truth for their microservice API resources. Such an approach equips teams with the ability to confidently progress from design through deployment in a quality-centred API workflow, bolstering the developer experience for API consumers and DevOps.

Join Ole Lensmar, CTO at Kubeshop and former OpenAPI chair, and Frank Kilcommins, API Technical Evangelist at SmartBear to explore the challenges of scaling API programs with microservices and Kubernetes and the role OpenAPI can play in calming the chaos.

We’ll cover:

  • The proliferation of APIs and challenges in the absence of standardization
  • Challenges and pitfalls when scaling microservices
  • Controlling of Kubernetes configurations at scale
  • Applied design-first API practices to Kubernetes infrastructure-as-code
  • How OpenAPI, SwaggerHub and Kusk can guarantee consistent quality across APIs at scale
Duration: 60 minutes

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