Leveraging SoapUI and Testkube to test your APIs under Kubernetes

With APIs consuming the world of software, and microservices conquering the land of monoliths, how are organizations handling their API estates at scale? Kubernetes, the container orchestration system, has been an extremely popular choice for many to deal with management, scaling, and deployment of microservices.

Testing your APIs can be a complex and frustrating task, which is where SoapUI comes in to help make the process simpler, faster, and more efficient. As teams and organizations shift to using Kubernetes and Cloud-native architectures, orchestrating, and executing your SoapUI tests in a flexible and scalable manner becomes ever harder.

Join Bruno Lopes, Product Manager at Kubeshop, and Frank Kilcommins, API Technical Evangelist at SmartBear to explore the challenges of scaling API programs with microservices and Kubernetes and how Testkube can play a role in calming the chaos.

In this session we’ll cover:

  • Intro to Testkube
  • How to leverage existing SoapUI tests in a Kubernetes infrastructure using Testkube
  • Live Demo
  • Q&A
Duration: 60 minutes

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