Introducing Agile into Test Management with Zephyr for Jira

The Agile Methodology has become the cornerstone of any digital transformation within software-oriented organizations. While Agile has a clear set of principles, the implementation varies depending on which phase of the software lifecycle you are focusing on. 

Zephyr for Jira is the most trusted test management Jira add-on that provides a clear way to introduce any Agile practices into your testing processes. 

We are excited to highlight one of our Zephyr Expert Partners, BDQ, a Zephyr Expert Partner and an Atlassian Solution Partner based in London. Among their services, they provide consultancy and training on implementing Zephyr for Jira, empowering teams to effectively test in agile scrum. Chris Bland, CEO of BDQ, we be joining us to provide his insights in this topic.  

During this webinar, we will introduce the tenets of the agile methodology and how teams can start using them in their test management by leveraging Zephyr for Jira today!  

In the session you will learn more about

  • Partner highlight: services provided by BDQ in the Atlassian Ecosystem
  • Using principles of agile to improve Test Management
  • Bringing Agile Test Management into Jira
  • Demo of implementing Agile Test Management with Zephyr for Jira
Steven Colón

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