Integrating SwaggerHub in your CI/CD Pipeline

Many different tools and processes come together in the ongoing automation and continuous monitoring throughout the lifecycle of applications, from design and testing phases to delivery and deployment. Smooth, painless integration of those tools becomes highly sought after - key components such as source control managers (GitHub, Bitbucket) and automation servers like Jenkins are interconnected and can make or break developer productivity.

SwaggerHub offers the necessary API and CLI interfaces to partner with tools across your entire end-to-end API Lifecycle successfully and painlessly, so it can act as the single source of truth for your API designers and collaborators while maintaining consistent design standards. Our integration options enable a seamless transition from design and documentation to your source control repository, gateway and beyond, making sure your end-to-end API lifecycle is highly automated but always under control.

In this session we will talk about:

  • What integrations SwaggerHub offers for your CI/CD pipeline
  • How to use the Registry API and CLI
  • How to relay information between your external tools and SwaggerHub
Duration: 60 minutes

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