How to Increase Test Coverage Over Time with Automation

What is test coverage? How do we measure it? How much is enough?

We often use automation a tool to increase test coverage by checking more parts of the application under test, faster.

But complete coverage is nearly impossible to achieve even with automation. And sometimes, more coverage isn’t always better.

The good news is once we know which test cases to prioritize, we can apply long-term coverage criteria to optimize test coverage over time.

CrossBrowserTesting joins Abstracta Co-founder and Director Federico Toledo on August 7th at 2 PM ET to discuss strategies for measuring test coverage and maximizing it for the long-term.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What test coverage is and how to measure it
  • Laying out a plan to optimize test coverage in the long-term
  • Demonstration with CrossBrowserTesting
  • Q&A
Alex McPeak
Federico Toledo

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