Practical Webinar Series: How to Optimise Moving from Manual to Automated API Testing with SmartBear

As applications become more complex, continuous testing at scale is now a key requirement. Test automation gives teams the necessary agility to respond faster and test more efficiently, by enabling teams to automate routine tasks and execute test cases multiple times, at scale.

Automating API tests helps minimize the time and human effort required to test applications. There will always be a need for manual API testing, but test automation will help to expand your test coverage and scale your testing efficiently.

Join us for this three-part webinar series, where we’ll be exploring the practical steps to automate your API testing workflow. Each session will focus on the core pillars for optimal test automation with demonstrations and an interactive Q&A.

Session 1: Getting Started with API Testing - August 18th (30 mins)

  • Mapping out your API Landscape
  • Writing your First API Test
  • Verifying your APIs Behaviour with Assertions

Session 2: Reusing Test Assets for Faster Results - August 25th (30 mins)

  • Managing Multiple Test Environments
  • Faster Coverage with Data Sources
  • Collaboration with Other Testers

Session 3: Integrate automated testing into your CI/CD Pipeline to Ensure that any Code Changes Won't Break the API in Production - September 1st (60 mins)

  • Frontend + Backend = Full Stack Testing
  • Verification using TestComplete and ReadyAPI
  • Executing Tests using CI/CD
Duration: 120 mins

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