How RPS Improved Quality and Release Speed with TestComplete

How do you improve product quality while also speeding up release cycles?

This is what Rapid Prototyping Systems (RPS) was faced with for their visualization software and applications for the home improvement market. With numerous desktop and mobile applications, RPS struggled to accelerate their testing initiatives, causing quality issues and delays in their release cycles. They needed a solution to automate their tests, increasing their speed to delivery and ensuring product quality.  

By implementing TestComplete, they were able to automate testing for their four desktop and 15 mobile applications, shortening their testing cycles on some apps from four months to three weeks. 

Join us to hear Peter Wilson, Manager of Testing at RPS, talk about their journey with TestComplete. In this 30-minute conversation, you will learn about: 

  • RPS’ evolution from desktop to mobile apps, and their journey to automate UI testing 
  • How TestComplete enabled them to increase quality and speed to delivery 
  • How quickly they achieved results at scale with TestComplete 
Duration: 30 minutes

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