How NVIDIA Tegra Team Accelerated Code and Document Reviews with Collaborator

Autonomous vehicles are transforming the way we live, work, and play – creating safer and more efficient roads. These revolutionary benefits require massive computational horsepower and large-scale production software and processing expertise. Enter the NVIDIA Tegra team.

NVIDIA is best known for its advanced graphics cards and innovative technologies. They are pioneers in the realms of artificial intelligence, deep learning, and robotics. When you are dealing with next gen technologies, the last thing you want bogging you down is your code and document review process.

Enter Collaborator

With a myriad of internal documents, software design guides, and tech reference manuals that all need to conform to ISO standards streamlining your review process could be the difference between being first to market or last. By implementing Collaborator NVIDIA’s Tegra team was able to standardize their review process across organizations and ensure that flagged items were being dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Enjoy our webinar replay to hear Scott Taylor, Principal Engineer, Tegra CPU Verification at NVIDIA talk about their journey with Collaborator. You will learn:

  • The document review challenges NVIDIA faces as a technology company within a regulated industry
  • Their selection of Collaborator as a tool of choice for code and peer review
  • How Collaborator enabled them to standardize and streamline their processes
Duration: 60 minutes

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