How eyos Is Improving Software Quality and Implementing QA Culture With TestComplete

eyos is a retail growth platform that can help businesses to identify in-store shoppers, automate in-store marketing and leverage insights & predictions for data-driven growth. With a multitude of products spanning across technologies, they had to find an affordable, scalable automation solution that would seamlessly work across their suite.  

With the help of TestComplete, they moved from an all-manual test strategy to a mixed strategy of manual and automated tests. TestComplete also played a great part in migrating their solutions from one database technology to another by shortening the testing time by half and increasing test coverage.  

Join us to hear Aarti Suresh, Senior Automation QA, discuss her journey with TestComplete. You’ll learn about: 

  • Why an automated testing solution is an absolute requirement for a scaling tech company
  • How eyos is scaling testing using TestComplete 
  • How TestComplete is enabling eyos to deliver high quality products and implement QA culture 
Duration: 60 minutes

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